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Election Results

For county-level elections, live election results are uploaded and updated in real-time after the polls close.  For these elections, a link is provided to auto-refreshing scrolling results.  These are the same scrolling results that are shown at the Courthouse and include the latest up-to-the-minute local results for all contests, including totals, percentages, and bar graphs.  

Results for municipal (city) elections are provided by that city's canvassing board after all ballots and results have been canvassed.  For up-to-the minute results from municipal contests, results from Election Day votes are posted at the polling place after the polls close, and canvassing of mail ballots and accumulation of results begins at city hall after the polls close. Results will be published here once the initial unofficial election night results have been finalized. Please refer to the city clerk for more information regarding municipal elections.

All results are unofficial until officially certified by the canvassing board. 

2018 General Election:

2018 Primary Election:

2018 City of Freeport Municipal Election:

2017 City of Freeport Municipal Election:

2017 City of DeFuniak Springs Municipal Election:

2016 General Election:

2016 Primary Election:

2016 Presidential Preference Primary Election:

2015 Special School Board Referendum Election:

2015 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Election:

2014 General Election:

2014 Primary Election:

2014 Freeport Municipal Election:

2013 Freeport Municipal Election:

2013 DeFuniak Springs Special Municipal Election:

2013 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Election:

2012 General Election:

2012 Primary Election:

2012 Paxton City Election:

2012 Special Sales Tax Referendum Election:

2012 Presidential Preference Primary Election:

2011 School Board Referendum Election:

2011 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Run-off Election:

2011 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Election:

2010 General Election:

2010 Primary Election:

2010 Paxton Municipal Election:

2010 Freeport Municipal Election:

2010 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Election:

2009 Freeport Municipal Election:

2009 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Election:

2008 General Election:

2008 Primary Election:

2008 Paxton Municipal Election:

2008 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Election:

2008 Presidential Preference Primary:

2007 School Board Referendum Election:

2007 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Run-off Election:

2007 DeFuniak Springs Municipal Election:

2006 General Election:

2006 Primary Election:

2006 Paxton Municipal Election:

***Online results prior to 2006 and below this point consist only of Primary and General Elections.***

2004 General Election:

2004 Primary Election:

2004 Presidential Preference Primary:

2003 Special General Election:

2002 General Election:

2002 Primary Election:

2001 Special General Election:

2001 Special Primary Election:

2000 General Election:

2000 2nd Primary Election:

2000 1st Primary Election:

2000 Presidential Preference Primary: