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Election Worker Information

Apply to be an Election Worker:

Thankfully, we have an abundance of people interested in working the polls. However, we continue to take applications with very few spots to fill. Your name will be added to a list of those interested. We will contact you if an opening occurs. 

If you are interested in serving as an election worker, please complete the: 
Online Election Worker Application Form

Unfortunately, not all Election Workers will be able to work every election. The number of Election Workers for an election is determined by the size of the election and the expected turnout. Election Workers may be chosen to work a specific election by their ability, availability, willingness to travel, and/or the number of workers needed. While we like to keep each Election Board constant throughout an Election Cycle and like to work those with previous experience, it is not always possible. We might ask you to train to work but be on standby to work if needed. We strive to assign you as close to home as possible but it might not be in your home precinct. If vacancies occur, we might ask you to fill in elsewhere. 

What is an Election Worker?

An Election Worker is a community-minded person just like you who wishes to be part of the election process. Election Workers ensure that the election process is administered fairly, efficiently, and according to Florida Statutes and Federal Laws. Being an Election Worker is a very important part of the election process and each worker must understand and follow the election laws. Election Workers are compensated for training and working. Mileage is reimbursed for those transporting supplies. Election workers may work on Election Day and/or during the Early Voting period. 

Who can apply to be an Election Worker in Walton County, Florida? 

Election workers must be U.S. Citizens. Election Board positions (Clerks and Inspectors) require workers to be a registered voter in Walton County, Florida. Election Workers should not be candidates for elected office or have an immediate family member as a candidate on the ballot. 

What are Election Worker’s Responsibilities?

Election Workers must:

- be able to deal with the public in a calm, patient, attentive, serious, and courteous manner

- be able to speak, read, and write English (Spanish speakers are also needed)

- have transportation

- be able to work at least 14 hours (possibly with limited breaks if busy)

- not leave the polling place (bring necessary items, such as food, drink, medications, etc.)

- dress comfortably and professionally (no political attire)

- refrain from bringing items that could be political or distracting to the polling place, such as radios, newspapers, magazines, electronic devices, etc. 

- complete mandatory training in person or online, if available (min. 2-3 hours per election)

- follow laws and procedures to properly setup, operate, and shutdown the polling place

- arrive at their assigned polling place by 6:00 AM on Election Day

- stay at the polling place until after the polls close and all poll closing activities are completed

- assist with opening and closing the polling location

- check photo IDs of voters

- issue correct ballots to eligible voters

- provide assistance to voters if needed

- use election equipment, such as electronic poll registers and voting machines

- remain nonpartisan during working hours

- be respectful of others, including other workers, facility staff, and voters

- work as a team to conduct successful elections

- maintain a welcoming and quiet voting atmosphere

- refrain from excessive and distracting use of electronic devices

- refrain from using products or scents that may be sensitive to others, including smoking or vaping within the no solicitation zone

- have communication methods, such as phone and email

- be committed to doing your best 

- possibly vote prior to Election Day if you will be working out of your home polling place

- represent the Supervisor of Elections, canvassing board, and Elections Office staff at the polling place

- understand that you may not be assigned to work each election or assigned to the same precinct or position for each election. 

Election Workers must be able to lift 40 lbs. with assistance and be prepared to sit and/or stand for extended periods of time.

What are the different positions?

Clerk - Responsible for operations of the polling place, including all paperwork, ballot accounting, provisional ballots, spoiled ballots, election worker management, and security. Primary contact between the polling place and the Elections Office. Usually responsible for transporting supplies.

Assistant Clerk - Assists the Clerk throughout the day. Fills in for other positions, including Clerk, when needed. 

Machine Clerk - Primarily responsible for voting machine operations in the polling place, including startup and shutdown.

Inspector - Responsible for checking in voters, using either the electronic poll register or paper poll register, verifying IDs and voter records, issuing ballots to voters, and assisting voters as needed. 

Translators - Ballots and other voting materials are required to be in both English and Spanish in Walton County. We also provide translation services, either by phone or an in-person election worker. If you are able to read, write, and speak both English and Spanish, you may also serve as a translator. 

Bailiff (Poll Deputy) - Deputized by the Sheriff. Maintains order outside the polling place, enforces the no solicitation zone, posts and removes election signs outside the polling place, and directs and assists voters. 

Roving Technician / Transporter / Temporary Staff - These positions are not assigned to polling places, but assist the Elections Office with troubleshooting, setup, delivery, phone bank, canvassing, and more. They may also step in to assist election workers at polling places, as needed.