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Voting Systems

Tabulation Equipment:

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In compliance with the Help America Vote Act of 2002 and the Florida Statutes, Walton County uses a blended voting tabulation system in each polling place consisting of a DS200 vote tabulator and digital scanner and an AutoMARK ballot marking voter assistance terminal.  Both the DS200 and AutoMARK units have undergone rigorous testing by independent testing laboratories, the Federal Election Assistance Commission, and the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections and have been found to satisfy the federal and state certification and acceptance requirements. The DS200 tabulator provides a verifiable audit trail and audit log account for every activity performed during an election on the unit. In addition, every machine to be used in an election is rigorously tested for logic and accuracy before being used, and a random sample of ballots are manually audited after the election to certify that the machines correctly tabulated the ballots (refer to Chapter 101 Florida Statutes).  The AutoMARK unit is available to voters needing visual and/or audio assistance while marking their paper ballot.  The AutoMARK unit is capable of allowing a voter to hear the ballot read to them, and gives the voter the option of selecting their choices using a keypad or touch screen.  The ballot can be hidden for privacy and secrecy as well. Once the voter has made their choices, the voter can choose to have the AutoMARK unit fill in the ovals on the paper ballot for them. 


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Electronic Voter Identification System:

The Electronic Voter Identification System or EViD streamlines the check-in of voters at voting sites, alleviating the task of searching through bulky paper registers to check the voter in to vote.  The EViD also allows any voter to check-in at any station rather than having to get in the specific line for their last name. However, the EViD is more than just an electronic poll book. The EViD system helps elections officials ensure that every election is conducted efficiently and administered fairly.  Each EViD station is a self-contained system with a touch screen, signature pad, magnetic stripe reader, keyboard, and on-board voter registration file. During Early Voting and Election Day operations, each EViD station communicates securely with elections headquarters to maintain up-to-the minute accuracy on its voter file. So, if a voter votes anywhere in Walton County, in near real-time, all of the other EViD stations in the county would reflect that the voter has already voted.  Also, because the records are automatically updated, there is no need to individually update voter records after the election, which was a process that used to be very labor intensive.    

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