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Financial Disclosures

The Florida Commission on Ethics prepares a list of persons holding governmental positions who are required to file an annual financial disclosure for the previous calendar year. The Ethics Commission obtains the name and address of each individual from coordinators who have been designated from each state and local government agency.

As a position holder, you may be required to file a Form 1 Statement of Financial Interests or Form 6 Full and Public Financial Disclosure.  A Form 1F or Form 6F is required to be filed by officers after leaving office. For questions regarding what information to disclose on your financial form or to determine if you are required to file, please review the detailed instructions attached to the form or contact the Florida Commission on Ethics at (850) 488-7864. To check the status or search for submitted financial disclosure form, visit the Florida Commission on Ethics Search Page

Local officers or employees who are required to file the Form 1 and are permanently residing in Walton County should deliver the Form 1 Statement of Financial Interests to one of the Supervisor of Elections offices.  

Financial disclosures are due July 1 of each year for the preceding calendar year. A grace period is in effect until September 1. If the disclosure is not filed or postmarked by September 1, an automatic fine of $25 per day will begin to accrue, and will continue to build until the disclosure is filed, or the fine reaches $1,500. For more information, please contact the Florida Commission of Ethics.