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Vote By Mail Information

Voting by mail is easy and convenient, and offers the opportunity to have your voice heard even if you can't make it to an early voting site or your Election Day polling place to vote. 

Any registered voter may request a ballot to be mailed to them, with no reason needed, either for a specific election or for all eligible elections up through the next two General Elections. After that the request will need to be made again. A member of the voter’s immediate family or legal guardian may also request a ballot for the voter, if directly instructed to do so by the voter. 

The easiest way to make the request is by completing the Online Mail Ballot (Absentee) Request Form, or by calling us at 850-892-8112. You can also complete the paper version of the request form and return it to our office. 

Voters making a request for a ballot to be mailed to an address not already on record will be need to submit a signed affidavit, which can be accomplished using the paper request form above. The written request may be emailed to lrinker@votewalton.com, or faxed to 850-892-8113.  

After the request is made and when ballots are mailed and returned, you can track the status of your ballot/request

Mail ballots are counted just like any other ballot that is cast in an election. The voter's signature from the ballot envelope is compared to the signature in the voter's record. Mail ballot voters are encouraged to keep their signature on file up-to-date

NOTE: Be sure to provide your current mailing address. The U.S. Post Office cannot forward mail ballots. 

A request for a mail (absentee) ballot to be mailed must be received by the Supervisor of Elections no later than 5 pm on the 6th day before an election. Please make every effort to request mail (absentee) ballots as early as possible so that enough time is allowed to receive and return the ballot. Ballots for voters living in the U.S., for which we have a request on file, are mailed between 35 and 28 days before Election Day. 

Members of the United States Uniformed Services on active duty and the Merchant Marines, their spouses and dependents, and United States citizens residing outside of the United States have additional options and allowances when it comes to voting by mail, including getting the ballot sooner and by electronic means. For more details, please visit the page below:

A designee may pick up a ballot for another voter on Election Day or up to 5 days before Election Day. A designee may only pick up 2 ballots per election (other than his or her own ballot and ballots for members of his or her immediate family). Designees must provida written authorization from the voter, a picture identification, and a signed affidavit.

Voted mail ballots must be returned to the Supervisor of Elections Office, by mail or in person, no later than 7:00 pm on Election Day. Do not return the voted ballot to a polling place. 

If you returned your ballot to your supervisor of elections, but forgot to sign the ballot envelope, your ballot will not count unless you complete and return the Omitted Signature Affidavit for Mail (Absentee) Ballot no later than 5:00 pm on the day before the election. Please follow the instructions on the form carefully, as failure to follow these instructions may cause your ballot not to count. Please return the form by mail, email, or fax.