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Register to Vote

Please note, the following information will guide you in the process of registering to vote for the first time in Florida.  To make changes or updates to an existing voter registration in Florida, click here, or if you would like to see if you are registered to vote in the state of Florida, click here.  

Voter registration is one of the most critically important cornerstones and safeguards of the election process. For your convenience, registration application forms are available at either of our offices, as well as a variety of local offices and businesses. In addition, you can complete and print the voter registration application form online using one of the following methods.  Please read and follow all instructions carefully.  The voter registration application forms are Adobe PDF files and you will need the free Adobe Reader in orders to view or fill them out. 

(Both of the above methods result in printing a PDF file, the applicant signing the form, and delivering it to our office, either in-person or by mail. We must receive the original form. Forms are not accepted by email or fax.) 

Remember: If you are registering for the first time in Florida by mail, please read the directions on the voter registration application form carefully.  There are additional requirements for providing a copy of identification along with your completed form.  In addition, the voter registration application form contains detailed information regarding the qualifications to register to vote, registration deadlines, and the oath that a voter takes upon registering.  For more information, please refer to the Florida Voter Registration Application Form on the Florida Division of Election's website.  

The deadline to register to vote is 29 days before any election.  You can update your registration record at any time, but for a Primary Election, party changes must be completed 29 days before that election.  You will be contacted if your new application is incomplete, denied, or a duplicate of an existing registration.  Your Voter Information Card will be mailed to you once you are registered. 

Also, please understand that Florida is a closed-primary state.  In primary elections, registered voters can only vote for their registered party’s candidates in a partisan race on the ballot.  In a primary election, all registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, can vote on any issue, nonpartisan race, and race where a candidate faces no opposition in the General Election.  If you do not indicate your party affiliation, you will be registered with no party affiliation.  For more information, please refer to the Florida Voter Registration Application Form on the Florida Division of Election's website.